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What We Do

Technical Equipment Supply Services:
We supply technical equipment such as PPEs, Rigging equipment, Welding equipment, flow meters, level gauges, valves, actuators, pipes and fittings, pumps, compressors, switchgears, separators, control panels, drain traps, temperature controllers, tube turns, flanges, elbows, tees, in-line gas scrubbers, dryers, vacuum circuit breakers, pressure transducers, digital static transfer switches, marine hoses, BOP and accessories, hoists, davits etc.

Lifting Equipment Management Services
(All Services Conform to API RP2D Recommended Practices)

Blue Whale do Supply, Inspection, Testing, Refurbishment, Anti-2 block installation, Routine and breakdown Maintenance of Lifting Equipment (Crane Maintenance Services).Both Onshore and Offshore Cranes. Our cranes technicians are first class, They all have TWIC card (Safe golf safe land).

Caliper and Intelligent Pigging Services

Blue Whale has the full capacity to undertake caliper and intelligent pigging in any environment. The Analytic pipe caliper tool measures diameter reduction in pipelines such as dents and ovalities. Even diameter variations like girth-welds, wall thickness changes T-pieces, valves and other installations are detected. BLUE WHALE and her Technical partners own and can deploy at short notice 6”, 10”, 12”, 16”, 18” and 20”, plus other line sizes even up to 32”.

  • Assessment of defect severity as per criteria agreed with client
  • Additional Inspection for selected defects
  • Comparison of In-Line data with actual found defects
Bolt Tensioning: We offer bolt tensioning services both for Onshore and Offshore facilities.
  • Hydraulic bolt tensioning applications
  • Pneumatic bolt tensioning applications

Technical Training Services:

  • OEM Product Training
  • Engineering Skills Training